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This album is about a dude. A dude, who leaves earth and travel through space in search of whatever. And about some of the messed up stuff he encounters on his way there. Alien women, wormholes, space dragons, mushroom people, interdimensional travel, it has got it all, man. Allright.


released August 20, 2016

All songs written and performed by Steinsopp (Steffen Røed, Kim Hansen, Erik Alm). Recorded in our practice attic, produced by Martin Horn Sørlie, mixed and mastered by Sondre Bjarkum. Cover art by Erik Alm (Trøbbel Design, look it up duude). Thanks to Eirik Wojtko Nilsen for lending us his mics and stuff!




Steinsopp Aurskog, Norway

Dirty norwegian groovier-than-thou psychedelic neanderthal amp worshipping sabbath drenched mushroom rock 'n' roll

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Track Name: Oort Cloud
On a giant snowball
In a valley so small
Ice city of lies

As the stranger comes in
Gladly show him their sin
He will have to stay

Beating on a wall of mind
No will power to find
Forever stuck inside his head

How long has it been
How far have they seen
He may never leave
Track Name: Mycologist
From a hole in the ship he came down
Sharing his mushroomical wisdom
Bringing teachings of travel and space
Tales of voids between dimensions

One whiff of fungi slows everything
In a yawn of a thousand years the portal unfolds
Discovering nothing but colours
Spaghettified we transcend
Track Name: Singularity
We will all have to ride
Catch a gravity wave

Come on please show me
The secrets of this multiverse

What if we go through
Past the event horizon

Sliding right on the edge
Between now and forever
Track Name: Jawa Strain
Grave path in space
Shorcut through worlds
Out in an asteroid field
Breathes a wormhole

Wriggled around it it lays
Elder creature
No concept of time
Serpent of old

Through in a leap
Time is turning
Worm writhes for a hunt
Smelling smoke

Wriggled around it it lays
Elder creature
No concept of time
Serpent of old
Track Name: Steinsopp
Breaking through clouds going outwards
Heading away from earth
Leaving behind gods and guards
In the gargantuan search

By the moon and mercury
Shrouded in a secular haze
Slung by the sun speeding high
Finishing the initial phase

Tumbling through the system
Plants from homeworld grants peace
Clinging to the last real life stem
The final quest can't cease
Track Name: Quasar
Onward, forever through space
No end, pause or grace
Traveling on meteorites
Spores awaiting contact rites

They showed us the future
Higher civilizations
Neural networks beneath us
Our mycelial masters

Thriving since the dawn of man
Ancient species’ retirement plan
Awaiting psychedelic revolution
Free from religious polution

They showed us the future
Higher civilizations
Neural networks beneath us
Our mycelial masters